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The true about 21st century

Taking care of our emotions, sexuality, mind, thoughts, decisions, body, finances, heart, spirit … ALL, that’s Living Wisely. Heal each of the areas of our life is vital to advance, grow and achieve our dreams and purpose, while there is an area damaged or incomplete in us, will be impossible have a live full, satisfied and happy, that is why Living Wisely is not an option. We urgently need smart tips to emotional, financial, heal, spiritual and sexual challenges of th 21 st century.

The world is in crisis, not for abundance of problems, but for the lack of good counsils. 

All we needed a wise Council, effective and current at some point in our lives, but not all have found. Over 75% of people who need a Solution emotional, legal, economic, physical or spiritual have stumbled with a hard reality: it is too difficult to find the wisdom we need, in the time when we need it.


Imagine a world where you could smile 24 hours a day?

The Project called Integral Counseling Center would provide sexual, emotional, physical, legal, labor, mental, spiritual and economical counseling, in all languages, 24 hours, 365 days a year. The vision? Creating a world where you and every human being can smile 24 hours a day.


1. Face Counseling: Through the center we long build go through this project, will attended people who require counseling on any area or situation in their lives. We will have highly qualified personnel in the areas of sexuality, psychology, medicine, pastorate, legal rights, financial, health, adolescents, children and general counseling, with the only purpose of solving lives and see more smiles in our nations.

2. Online Counseling: Via the internet, will have a Web site and a Virtual Site,  where any people of the world will be able to receive at any time they need, the Tip to transform, heal and save their lives fully. We used chats, Online Counseling forms, electronic ATM, video conference and /or phone calls to attend quickly and effectively every need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Moreover will be placed electronic booths in malls, universities, supermarkets, gas stations, nightclubs and parks, ready to provide smart tips to any unexpected situation.

3. Follow-up: Our mission is not “giving advice” and forget to the people, our mission is to provide real Solutions and give follow up to all. We know a deep reality: saving lives is not based on a Tip, but in a FRIENDSHIP, and that is what we long to achieve. Both models: the Face Counseling and Online Counseling will give follow to all the Tips.

See this Project in Indiegogo

Make this project comes true with a Donation

What all us long for this 2014

“Do not imagine how much it hurts me to see people suffer. Each day grows my longing to help them and show them that their problems have a real solution. There are too many voices screaming about divorce, economic failures and broken dreams; we need a new voice that rises over the others and with positivism and faith provoke changes in the way we think and we act that enhance our society. Is possible, we can solve the crises, a Council can make a difference. God dictated to me the vision of this project and I have clear in what should be invested every second of time and resources. We Love people deeply and want to ensure that achieve get ahead, get solutions and save their lives. I imagine daily the smile of every person who finds the current effective solution to your problem using your phone, computer or approaching to the Electronic Booths that locate in the Malls, Nightclubs and Gas Stations, or going directly to the Integral Counseling Center. Please I can not myself, but all together, all those who yearn to leave a better world for the next generation, those who like me wish a different world, but especially … those who believe possible to make, all of us, together we can bring hope and salvation to millions. The Dream called “Integral Counseling Christian Center” have a cost of $ 254,000.00 dollars and we have believed to God what we shall realize this 2014. Support me with a Donation? I’ll make you arrive photographs of the project, progress of each stage and gives you the opening day, I guarantee you there will be no happier man than me, the day I know that people will have access to happy marriages, prosperous businesses and lives healthy and complete. Thanks, I’ll love you forever. ” Pastor Alejandro Rivas.

How I can support this Project?

1. Making a Donation.







2. Giving an offering in cash

Deposit in Western Union agency.

1. Go to Western Union agency closest to your home. You can even use the millions of Western Union Agencies, Banks and shopping centers around the world affiliated with Western Union. For more information about the agency closest to your home, visit

2. Provide your information and ours, and indicate the amount of your contribution. Our general data are:

-Recipient Name:  Irwing Alejandro Rivas (Pastor and Prophet of the Ministry)

-Recipient Country and city: Guatemala, Guatemala

3.  Send us an email to or to; with your details (your full name and country where you live) and the amount of your contribution.

More info Pastor Alejandro Rivas

Pastor Alejandro Rivas`s blog (in spanish)

Thanks by be part of who make a better world!


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